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A Tattoo Shop Where Dreams Become a Reality In Tulare, CA

One of the greatest actors in the movie entertainment industry, Johnny Depp, once said, “Tattoos tell the story of life.” What a short yet absolutely true statement, right? Tattoos to us do more than just tell stories, though. They also reveal a person’s emotions, and the things in life one has gone through to reach the present day. So, don’t believe people who tell you that “having a tattoo is pointless.” If you felt it, then allow us to turn those emotions into a beautiful tattoo that will stick with you forever. Located in Tulare, CA is our tattoo shop that our professional artists welcome you to visit with your custom tattoo ideas in mind (or on paper). We also invite you to browse our website to learn what La Raza Tattoo is all about.

What We Do

Custom Designs

Custom Designs
We will let your unique imagination spread its wings while our experienced tattoo artists take care of the rest. We can work on all sorts of tattoo ideas you create. Our team can draw landscapes, animals, portraits, work on geometric tattoo design ideas, and do so much more. 

Full Sleeves

Full Sleeves
Whether it is a single tattoo design featured in your full sleeve creation or a compilation of different images, there is no place better than ours. We will thoroughly discuss your tattoo design, give you good advice, and schedule an appointment that fits your busy schedule. We are a phone call away.

Minimalist Tattoos

Minimalist Tattoos
Sadly, tattoos aren’t meant for everybody. However, if you truly want to have this experience inked in your skin for a lifetime, then a minimalist tattoo design is a great option. Feel free to visit our shop with the image you want, and our tattoo artists will handle the rest with finesse.

Geometric Tattoo Designs

Geometric Tattoo Designs
Probably the most approved answer to what geometric tattoos symbolize revolves around spiritual and religious practices in ancient times. Many people in today’s world have tattoos of different geometrical figures that describe something they want in their lives, such as strength, power, health, etc. Our tattoo artists can flawlessly make such tattoo designs. 

Tattoo Shading and Coloring

Tattoo Shading and Coloring
Color realism is one of the most challenging tasks in the tattoo industry. Luckily for many of our customers, though, we are well-trained experts who have taken on countless related projects. Along with impeccable colored tattoos, we can also work on tattoo shading for black and grey tattoo designs you have in mind. 

When Choosing Us

You receive more than a dedicated tattoo artist working on your custom design. The ink and the equipment we use are top-quality, and the work we have done over the past thirteen years is considered some of the best by numerous people in the area. Our entirely custom-oriented approach is what makes more and more people come to our conveniently located shop. We guarantee your complete satisfaction.

Working with Experts 

La Raza Tattoo is staffed with certified tattoo artists who are highly experienced, so you can be sure that your custom tattoo design is in good hands. We use only top-shelf equipment and supply only leading-brand inks — so you can forget about any problems with your tattoo. As professionals, being busy is something quite familiar to us, so we advise you to schedule an appointment with us in advance.

Contact us if you reside in Tulare, CA and have your full sleeve tattoo, geometric design, or any other form of artistic tattoo that you want us to place on your skin. We look forward to hearing from you. Get in touch today!

Client’s Testimonial

by Nannie M. on La Raza Tattoo
Thank You

Working with the tattoo artist at this tattoo shop made my full sleeve tattoo design complete! I couldn't be more satisfied. It took some time, but it sure paid off. The price wasn't even that much. I highly recommend this place to everyone.

La Raza Tattoo
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